Stuff Personalized is all about creating one of a kind keepsakes that put a smile on the faces of all of our proud customers. It’s the perfect place to shop for proud Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, Loving Aunt’s and Uncle’s, Brothers and Sisters and there is always something for your best friend!

We turn our Stuff Personalized into Pieces of art that you can treasure for a lifetime.
Please take a peek and put a smile on your face by creating your very own special one of a kind keepsake!

Our top priority is your 100% satisfaction. At Stuff Personalized we treat you like one of our own and that is why we are one Big Happy Family!           I know how much joy our Family members and friends can bring to us and how important they are in our lives. This is why I will go the extra mile to make sure  you are  satisfied in every way with your purchase.

If you have any questions please send me an email at and I will personally respond to you as quickly as possible.

Let’s have some fun,
Joanne Miller

Grandma Collector Plates

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Cool Grandma

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Best Grandpa Ever

Cool Grandpa

Worlds Coolest Grandpa 2

Coolest Grandpa Ever

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Papa Bear

Cool Auntie

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Best Friends Pinky Promise Youth

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